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Finding the Right GDPR ‘Expert’ to Help Your Business

I have lost count of the number of times I have included phrases like; “You have to ask the right questions.” into my blogs, or into conversations with prospective clients. One of my primary roles as a consultant is to to either help my clients do just that, or to give them the right answers first if they are just too far behind the curve.

This is very easy in security, the ‘basics’ have not changed for generations, nor will they ever. So, for example, the question is never; “What technology do I need?”, it’s; “What function does the risk assessment say I need?”

But when it comes to GDPR, asking the right questions involves a significant amount of research and homework. Not only do you actually have to read the damned thing several times yourself, you have to understand it enough to apply it to your unique requirements. You have to be able to take the next step or nothing will happen.

The vast majority of vendors and consultants alike will sell you what you ask for, not what you actually need. This is not their fault necessarily, they may know just as little as you. However, before long your project will stall and the finger-pointing starts. This relationship is now permanently ruined.

We all remember Douglas Adams and ‘Deep Thought’, right?

This is really the point of the white paper I have written a white paper-esque document;

While it’s mostly geared at helping organisations ask the right questions (hence the name), it can just as easily be used by vendors in preparing their answers.

Clearly this can only ever be a question ‘sampler’, each business is too unique, and my answers are likely far too restrictive to qualify a vast majority of vendors touting GDPR consulting services. But it’s really up to you to determine which questions are most important, and which answers you are looking for.

Nothing can replace you doing your own homework, but if this white paper gets you to your answers faster, then I’ll consider this a success.

I would also like to consider this a ‘living document’, so if you have anything to add, please reach out.

It takes a great deal of skill to make something simple, you’ll know the right expert by how quickly they can give you the warm and fuzzies.

Good luck!

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