Transformational Change

How Information Security Enables Transformational Change

Transformational change has been defined as; “A shift in the business culture of an organization resulting from a change in the underlying strategy and processes that the organization has used in the past.

But this assumes that everyone in the organisation knows what the “underlying strategy” actually is, and what process(es) they should be following!

In the absence of active leadership, employees will tend to focus almost entirely on their day to day tasks without much thought as to how those tasks fit into the overall vision or success of the organisation. Lessons learned are lost, skills and innovation stagnate, and inefficiency is justified by “We’ve always done it this way.”

The old cliche; ‘Knowledge is Power’, is as true now as it’s ever been, but how that knowledge is gathered and shared is radically different. What was once accessible only to those with the passion and dedication to go get it, is now in your pocket. Information in context is knowledge, success however is in the correct application of that knowledge.

It follows therefore, that those with the most accurate information, and the greatest ability to apply it to a significant demand, will be the most successful. So why does this information sit on systems that receive little in the way of attention, care, or priority?

The answer lies in our nature; We tend to take for granted what’s always available. We don’t question running water, power, or access to the internet from our mobile phones, so the unbelievable mechanics of HOW those things happen are ignored in favour of enjoying the benefits of them.

Until they’re not there.

Information security, done properly, involves the mapping of every business process, every system/application/person, and every piece of information related to how an organisation does its business. It then goes on to suggest procedural efficiencies, accessibility improvements, and above all, how to keep it safe, and therefore relevant.

Change is happening faster and faster, and unless your business can keep up, you will be left behind.

In Daniel Burrus’s excellent article; “It’s Time to Change Your Outlook on Change” he states;

However, did you know that most of those changes that come “out of nowhere” are actually very visible months or even years before the change hits? You just didn’t notice it because you were too busy protecting and defending, too busy in the status quo, and too busy putting out fires. In fact, you were so busy that you didn’t spend any time looking into the visible future—the part of the future you can see.

The better your information assets are organised, the faster you can redirect them strategically, the easier you can absorb and correlate new information, and the better you are able to bring the resulting knowledge to bear on your future plans. Competitive advantages, especially in technology, are now numbered in the weeks and months, not years, so the most adaptable will invariably win.

Inspired leadership will always involve an element of foresight. Those with it will keep their organisation ahead of the competition, those without it will follow the latest buzz-words until their business is irrelevant.

Information security has always been seen as something that prevents innovation, slows down sales, and stifles growth. It’s time everyone saw it for what it is; a business enabler that protects the most important thing an organisation has…


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