Artificial Intelligence (AI)? You’ve Just Lost Two Buyers

I am absolutely sick to death of security vendors using the buzz-phrase Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a descriptor for their product or service.


  1. AI does not even exist yet, the most you can say is that it’s very clever programming;
  2. Not everyone is a fan of AI.

So, by trying to claim your product uses AI, you have now alienated 2 types of people; 1) those who hate bullsh*t artists, and 2) the paranoid.

In cybersecurity, there are a lot of both.

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Selling Security

Selling Cybersecurity: What We Can Learn From The Ice Bucket Challenge

In July/August 2014 the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge changed forever how charities should have organised their fundraising efforts. Replacing the usual guilt-trip approach with something fun/’socially mandatory’ resulted in hundreds of millions being donated to a cause few people had even heard of, let alone cared about.

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White Paper: How to Sell Security

I have been threatening to write a white paper on How to Sell Security for a few years now, but only recently have all the pieces fully come together in my head, and I have had the time to get them into a semblance of order.

The more charitable amongst you will say things like; “Sounds great in theory, but I’m not sure it’s practical.”, or “Very idealistic, good luck with that.” The less charitable will call me all manner of things that equate to me having a colon-esque viewpoint

Fair enough, I’ve never had to run an entire business, and I don’t have investors or shareholders breathing down my neck. However, I know security, and I know what the sale of security services and products SHOULD look like if you’re looking to maintain a long-term partnership with your client base, and you truly have their best interest at heart.

Even I will agree that some of the concepts in the white paper ARE idealistic, and probably impractical in most sales departments – especially American ones – but I have written the paper from a ‘security-purist’ point of view, and with the desire to enable BUYERS of security services and products to choose an organisation that will provide them the best service and value.

Mostly, I’m trying to properly define what it means to be a ‘Trusted Advisor’, and phrase too often bandied around by people and organisations who are neither of those things, let alone both.

Anyway, decide for yourself whether or not I’m truly off the mark, and I look forward to your feedback.

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