Froud on Fraud – Choosing a Policy Set_170206

PCI DSS v3.2 SAQ Mapping_v160921

PCI DSS v3.2 vs PCI DSS v1.0_160810

Logging Supplement_v160808

PCI DSS v3.2 vs ISO 27001-2013_160729

PCI DSS_v3.2 vs CIS Critical Security Controls_v6.0_v160729

PCI DSS v1.0

PCI DSS v3.1 – v3.2 Mapping of Changes

PCI DSS v3.0 – Mapping to v2.0_v07NOV13

Myers Briggs Test

Presentation: Insecurity Through Technology

Froud on Fraud – PCI DSS v3.0_ – Comments on Change Highlights_v22AUG13

Service Provider Responsibility Mapping

8 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. I downloaded the PCI mapping spreadsheet however I could not see any cells once I opened it. It opens without any cell grids within Excel.

    Thank you for the site! I enjoy reading your articles.

    Tom Last

  2. Tom, and others looking for the excel workbook within the PCI mapping. I saw the same symptom — I’ve had this happened with other workbooks in the past. To see it — do the following..
    1 – close all other excel workbooks opened.
    2 – Open the PCI mapping file
    3 – select View –> Arrange All (in the Window tab) –> select Tiled (default)
    4. Whamo ! – it shows — Now save the file prior to closing so the next time it shows.

    (Note: Step 1 is not required, but if you have a lot of workbook open, the next step(s) will result in a complicated display — and you’ll have to make some adjustments prior to saving..

  3. Glad to have Found Fround ! — David, the PCI Mapping states “Draft”. Do you have a final PCI 3.0 in either Excel or HTML form? – I need it in HTML format — and using the PDF-Source file I have from PCISecurityStandards site isn’t cutting it. (I can’t easily convert)…

    Thanks !

  4. David, you wrote:
    “…Taken each Recital and tried to translate it into both a simple title and a plain language description that anyone can understand? Taken each Article and mapped it to not only the underlying Recitals, but every external document that supports it?
    I have, and it took me over a month. Time well spent given the enormous impact the GDPR is going to have on the very fabric of life online.”

    My question is could you find it in your heart to make your summary available to those of us who struggle to interpret the GDPR’s legalese and coded language in order to understand what’s really being said.

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