Froud on Fraud – Choosing a Policy Set_170206

PCI DSS v3.2 SAQ Mapping_v160921

PCI DSS v3.2 vs PCI DSS v1.0_160810

Logging Supplement_v160808

PCI DSS v3.2 vs ISO 27001-2013_160729

PCI DSS_v3.2 vs CIS Critical Security Controls_v6.0_v160729

PCI DSS v1.0

PCI DSS v3.1 – v3.2 Mapping of Changes

PCI DSS v3.0 – Mapping to v2.0_v07NOV13

Myers Briggs Test

Presentation: Insecurity Through Technology

Froud on Fraud – PCI DSS v3.0_ – Comments on Change Highlights_v22AUG13

Service Provider Responsibility Mapping

6 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. I downloaded the PCI mapping spreadsheet however I could not see any cells once I opened it. It opens without any cell grids within Excel.

    Thank you for the site! I enjoy reading your articles.

    Tom Last

  2. Tom, and others looking for the excel workbook within the PCI mapping. I saw the same symptom — I’ve had this happened with other workbooks in the past. To see it — do the following..
    1 – close all other excel workbooks opened.
    2 – Open the PCI mapping file
    3 – select View –> Arrange All (in the Window tab) –> select Tiled (default)
    4. Whamo ! – it shows — Now save the file prior to closing so the next time it shows.

    (Note: Step 1 is not required, but if you have a lot of workbook open, the next step(s) will result in a complicated display — and you’ll have to make some adjustments prior to saving..

  3. Glad to have Found Fround ! — David, the PCI Mapping states “Draft”. Do you have a final PCI 3.0 in either Excel or HTML form? – I need it in HTML format — and using the PDF-Source file I have from PCISecurityStandards site isn’t cutting it. (I can’t easily convert)…

    Thanks !

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